Hello world!

IT WILL LEGAL BE … MINE: The way the story works is like Dante´s Inferno. You need to go the way to the end dear reader … 🙂

Third Mirror is David 8 in disguise. David 8 was made by and is owned by ‘The Maker’. ‘The Maker’ might be (the) ‘First Prim’. The name of First Prim shall never be outspoken. In case he is ‘The Maker’ the consequence will be a shutdown command on the Opensimulator console he is sitting and this will be the end of the world … // David 8 will be shown to you during the presentation. I dont want to un-cover it now. The audience had to wait over 1 hour. In case you are a fast reader you get to know it in 10 minutes … and yes it has a connection to Ridley Scott … I adore his work. Art Blue //

Here is the REAL dialogue of the perfomance happening on June, 17, 2012, 7.50 AM PST (17.50 Athens time, 16.50 Berlin time) in the land of ‘Cyberstar’. The names of the spectators have been truncated. There are only the full names left of the actors in this choosen realm ‘Cyberstar’. The artists Art Blue and Navah Alphaville are using different names in Opensimulator worlds, where they are truly living … so this was a visit in the realm called ‘Cyberstar’, which is based in Linden Labs ‘Second Life’, so the currency used in the auction is called Linden. 1.000.000 Linden are about 3.700 Euro (changing daily). Be aware reader: there is no second life, there is only one and this is in the Simulacron-1 Simulator where the artists have residency. Hans Acht (8) fooled the audience by saying to David 8 he is Hans 9 … as this means he claims to be ‘The Maker’, but this is another story …

Here the way it happened:

(( There will be an art catalogue coming with the pictures and the dialogue and it will be free for download as PDF … and 12 printed signed copies of a high-end art catalogue for a presentation in an exhibition in September 2012 in Hamburg to finance the running art projects … for sponsors and donators … you may write a comment in case you are one of the few that pay for virtual art 🙂  … more about this in a different blog in time ))

Now enjoy the story …

[07:50]  Third Mirror: Welcome people

[07:50]  Third Mirror: I send to you great people of this realm greetings from my maker. He told me to introduce this exhibition that will be known in future times as the prediction of Navah. Her dreams will come true.

[07:51]  GS B: met hiii xx

[07:51]  GS B: just in time

[07:52]  GS B: all the narration will take place in local

[07:52]  Third Mirror: Let us see her first prediction. Navah please, speak about the European Passages you created 2 years ago. …

[07:53]  Navah Alphaville: Two years ago, I was called to make an exhibition, together with other artists… The title of it? European Passages…..

[07:53]  Navah Alphaville: We were called to create art, based on what European passages meant for us.

[07:53]  Navah Alphaville: My words you see here today, were created 2 years ago. Just as the economical crisis was starting in Greece.

[07:54]  Navah Alphaville: And no one, really no one back then, would ever imagine that this crisis would go so deep… and bring us to the situation Greece is today.

[07:54]  Navah Alphaville: I didn’t like my works

[07:54]  Navah Alphaville: They were pessimistic, I thought.

[07:54]  Navah Alphaville: But I exhibited them anyway.

[07:55]  Navah Alphaville: And today, two years later… my view of Europe back then, has become true.

[07:55]  Navah Alphaville: And it has haunted the whole world.

[07:55]  AM R: scary

[07:55]  AM R: amazing

[07:56]  Third Mirror: I was told you need money. You are working all weeks long in Greece in a shop, but the payment is lower as one needs to survive. So you sell your art today to the rich community of Cyberstar. Is this correct Navah?

[07:57]  Navah Alphaville: Yes, in order to pay my bills, I often go to sleep on an empty stomach. I speak four languages and have 2 university diplomas. But I live in absolute misery of counting change to eat…. and often not to eat.

[07:57]  AM R: these are truly powerful

[07:57]  Third Mirror: And you sell it all?

[07:57]  R1 S: 😦

[07:57]  Navah Alphaville: I sell everything.

[07:58]  Third Mirror: So lets start the auction of European passages. Navah made a set of eight pictures. Navah you may speak a few words of some you like the most …

[07:59]  Navah Alphaville: I like those in which you can see the sign, showing that the direction of the future and the past… is the same….. We, humans, make circles in life. We don’t learn from History. We forget. Thus, the circles. Thus the past, reviving today.

[08:00]  Navah Alphaville: I wonder.. Will Humans ever learn?

[08:00]  AM R: hopefully

[08:00]  AM R: lol

[08:01]  Third Mirror: first bidder?

[08:01]  E L: 50 L

[08:02]  Ray Blue: I offer 1.0000 Linden for all 8 works and with signature I offer .. lets see later one

[08:02]  R1 S: Navah, do you take donations?

[08:03]  Navah Alphaville smiles

[08:03]  Navah Alphaville: All are possible although if there is some artwork you like, you should feel free to bid for it…

[08:03]  Ray Blue: donations?

[08:03]  Ray Blue: an artist?

[08:03]  Navah Alphaville: You might end up getting it! you never know!

[08:03]  Ray Blue: 1.000 I offer

[08:03]  R1 S paid you L$1000.

[08:04]  E L: 1500 L the set

[08:05]  Third Mirror: 2.000 is a must

[08:05]  Ray Blue: 2.500

[08:05]  E L: 500 L each

[08:06]  Navah Alphaville: Ohh I see some really like my artworks!

[08:06]  Ray Blue: 10.000 with signature of the artist

[08:06]  You paid R1 S L$1000.

[08:07]  E Epaid you L$100.

[08:07]  You paid E EL$100.

[08:08]  E L: Are they limited editions?

[08:08]  A M: I offer for the one called fear 20.000 but in bigger size I need it

[08:09]  Navah Alphaville: I only sell the originals…..

[08:09]  Navah Alphaville: So you will have to do with what you see…

[08:09]  E L: 500 L then for Passage Home

[08:09]  E L: I like that one

[08:10]  Ray Blue: I want them all, I will not allow theat they are splitted

[08:11]  Ray Blue: 25.000 for alll

[08:11]  E L: You may have to Ray, like the world today is very much split

[08:12]  0DM R: sad and scary ….. the world is broken

[08:13]  Third Mirror: so no higher bidders?

[08:13]  Navah Alphaville: Don’t be shy, come on!

[08:13]  Navah Alphaville: Bid for those prophetic artworks of 2010 !

[08:14]  Third Mirror: how long can you live on 25.000? and how long did you work on this art?

[08:14]  Navah Alphaville: Well not long.

[08:14]  Navah Alphaville: I need higher bids considering how much a computer costs nowdays… Impossible for me to continue my art on my old computer…

[08:14]  E L: 28000 L the entire collection

[08:14]  Navah Alphaville: It will look so poor as the years pass….

[08:15]  Navah Alphaville: …and technology becomes more sophisticated…..

[08:15]  Navah Alphaville: Bid Higher! Please!

[08:16]  Ray Blue: 30.000

[08:16]  E L: 35K

[08:16]  Navah Alphaville: Those works are pieces of my soul and my soul had a glimse of the future 2 years ago….


[08:16]  Navah Alphaville smiles

[08:17]  Ray Blue: 40.000 with signature as I said

[08:18]  Third Mirror: so 40.000 is it?

[08:20]  Third Mirror: how many artworks you made Navah to sell in total? I heared you had exhibited just theses 8 in the past

[08:21]  Navah Alphaville: I have made 16 artworks

[08:21]  Navah Alphaville: These are the first eight ones.

[08:21]  Third Mirror: I see 8 in the background … is this all?

[08:22]  Navah Alphaville: There are 8 more….

[08:22]  Navah Alphaville: that are a prediction of our world … in 40 years from now….

[08:22]  Navah Alphaville: Another prediction that is not very hopeful as you know, financial crisis means ecology takes the last place in our mind.

[08:22]  Third Mirror: so 16 artworks you have and count on becoming a famous artist to live out of this?

[08:23]  Navah Alphaville: Yes, 16 pieces of works, glimses of the future.

[08:23]  Third Mirror: I see 7 of them

[08:23]  Navah Alphaville: 16 pieces of my , of my soul. Of myself.

[08:23]  Third Mirror: why you hide the last one?

[08:24]  Navah Alphaville: its the last I have made …

[08:25]  Third Mirror: any higher biddings as we have now 15 artworks?

[08:25]  Navah Alphaville looks to Excess, the one that seemed to love her works so much…..

[08:25]  Ray Blue: I can … go to 60.000 for all 15

[08:25]  GS B: I love your work navah

[08:26]  Ray Blue: go to 60.000 for all 15

[08:26]  Navah Alphaville smiles “Thank you Gemma”

[08:26]  R1 S: 🙂

[08:26]  E L: You do have a unique style

[08:26]  Ray Blue: will you sell the 15?

[08:26]  Navah Alphaville: I will, yes.

[08:26]  AM R: your work is intensely powerful….great.

[08:26]  Navah Alphaville: Do I have a choice?

[08:26]  E L: and it certainly has shown you seen into the future

[08:26]  Navah Alphaville: I must sell them all!

[08:27]  Navah Alphaville: I need the money to survive!

[08:27]  R1 S: Greek art! From the country that brought us Winged Victory and the Parthenon! 🙂

[08:27] Third Mirror: 60.000 for all, maybe the last art is the best? sell it Navah!

[08:28]  E L: I can’t match 60K it’s a good offer

[08:28]  E L: will you exhibit them in world Ray

[08:28]  E L: I think this should be shared

[08:28]  E L: amazing work

[08:29]  GS B: 70K for the lot!!

[08:29]  Navah Alphaville claps her hands and smiles widely hearing the bidding going highter.

[08:29]  Navah Alphaville: higher.

[08:29]  Ray Blue: when I have them I will store them as time will come to sell the predictions of Navah

[08:29]  Ray Blue: 70.000?

[08:29]  Navah Alphaville chuckles

[08:29]  Navah Alphaville: Can you match that Sir?

[08:30]  Ray Blue: 80.000 for 15 or the last? I want to see the last one too

[08:30]  R1 S: First Delphi, now Navah 🙂

[08:30]  E L: let us see the last one Navah

[08:30]  GS B: 95K

[08:30]  Navah Alphaville: You wish to see the last one? But… the last one…..

[08:30]  Navah Alphaville sighs deeply… “The last one…”

[08:31]  E L: show us Navah

[08:31]  Navah Alphaville mumbles under her breath.. “I need the money…. I don’t want to sell the last one but… I need… the money….”

[08:32]  Navah Alphaville: “I must sell it.. I have debts… No choice… I have to”

[08:32]  E L: then show us

[08:32]  Navah Alphaville: ” must … I need more money I have deptsI must … I need more money I have depts…..”

[08:32]  Navah Alphaville palms her face… “All right! I will show you the last one!”

[08:33]  Ray Blue: wow the last is amazing .. 100.000 for all of them

[08:33]  Navah Alphaville gasps




[08:34]  R1 S: YEEEAAAAHH BABY!!!     ,¡i|¹i¡¡i¹|i¡,.

[08:34]  R1 S:                                        `’¹li¡|¡|¡il¹’`

[08:34]  Navah Alphaville: Oh Wow!

[08:35]  Third Mirror: 100.000 is it in total for all you made?

[08:35]  Navah Alphaville: That is a large number indeed, but if I think about it better………..

[08:35]  Navah Alphaville: the amount of money one pays here in Greece for a pack of milk.. the good one… the one without the cancerous stuff in it…..

[08:36]  Navah Alphaville: That amount soon will evaporate… and fast…. on just basic things.

[08:36]  Navah Alphaville: I am very honored for the offer…

[08:36]  Navah Alphaville: But it doesn’t really solve my problem.

[08:36]  Navah Alphaville: Only temporarily it does…

[08:37]  GS B: what will solve your problems Navah?

[08:37]  Ray Blue nods, “I have the documents and its true, but when noone offers real money that counts … then I will make it!”

[08:37]  Ray Blue: 100.000 and not more

[08:37]  Third Mirror: anyone higher?

[08:38]  Navah Alphaville: Would anyone care to offer a higher bid…. to save the life of an artist?

[08:38]  Third Mirror looks around and sees noone bidding higher, no sign

[08:38]  GS B: 100k

[08:38]  GS B: will that help you navah

[08:38]  Navah Alphaville: 100K was offered by Ray Blue…. are you offering double Gemma?

[08:39]  GS B: 150K


[08:39]  E L chuckles

[08:39]  Navah Alphaville smiles


[08:39]  E L gasps in amazement and exclaims

[08:39]  E L:           “WOW … JUST WOW !”

[08:39]  R1 S: !!!!___::: E.X.C.E.L.L.3.N.T :::___!!!!

[08:39]  GS B: Sorry… my bank account is overdrawn

[08:39]  Ray Blue: shit!

[08:39]  E L: will you have them availble for public view Gemma

[08:39]  Ray Blue: 155.000 I offer


[08:40]  E L gasps in amazement and exclaims

[08:40]  E L:           “WOW … JUST WOW !”


[08:40]  GS B: my financial advisor told me not to bid anymore

[08:40]  AM R: Oh Murr!~ ;3

[08:40]  Third Mirror: then we are back on 155.000 as he final bid ..

[08:42]  E L: will that be cheque or cash Ray ?

[08:42]  Third Mirror: I have orders to offer 10.000.000 Lindens for all pictures and the artist included. As this little money of that is offered for all the art she made will not make Navah keeping alive.

[08:43]  Navah Alphaville gasps

[08:43]  Navah Alphaville: WHAT?

[08:43]  Navah Alphaville: Artist included?

[08:43]  Art Blue steps forward

[08:43]  Art Blue: THATS ILLEGAL!

[08:43]  Navah Alphaville: What are you talking artist included… this is called slavery and slavery is FORBIDDEN

[08:43]  Third Mirror: I am fixed on this price and I have no ethical responsibility programmed so fare. Let me communicate with my maker.

[08:44]  Navah Alphaville: 10.000.000 Lindens and artist included..!! Who would think that there would be still people today that want to enslave other people!

[08:44]  Third Mirror: The answer is, that the offer stays as it is and its legal he says in the future it will legal be as it was in the past.

[08:44]  Navah Alphaville: What!?

[08:45]  Navah Alphaville: It will be legal in the future? Who says that!?

[08:46]  Art Blue: then I offer for Navah artist ….. 11.000.000

[08:46]  Navah Alphaville lowers her eyes and thinks of the amount offered….. It was a very large amount. It would practically save her poor butt for a long long time… but … would she have to fall into slavery to be able to survive?

[08:46]  Art Blue: Do you accept Navah?


[08:46]  R1 S: YEEEAAAAHH BABY!!!     ,¡i|¹i¡¡i¹|i¡,.

[08:46]  R1 S:                                        `’¹li¡|¡|¡il¹’`

[08:47]  R1 S: YEEEEEHAAAWWWWW!!!!!!

[08:47]  R1 S: party1234

[08:47]  Navah Alphaville stays silent for a few moments, then with trembling lips she whispers “You say … I see I have no option. All my work, my life … everything … I will put down…. Will you care for me….. Master Art?”

[08:47]  Art Blue: I will do — I have a collar ready as I knew that it might end this way. As I know the maker of him *points to Third Mirror*. RESHAPE!

[08:49]  Art Blue: …. HE IS David 8!

[08:49]  E L: Ooo..shiiit..W8 Bish..Lawd…I cant {{Breathe}}

[08:49]  Art Blue: (( http://www.weylandindustries.com/david ))

[08:50]  Navah Alphaville notices the cold and expressionless face of her rich new owner…. and kneels surrendering all her artworks, herself and her life for 11.000.000 Lindens.

[08:50]  Third Mirror: (( am I rezzed?))


[08:50]  Navah Alphaville: (( you are fine ))

[08:51]  Third Mirror: But then – I was told just now – you shall do the same Art Blue made by First Prim!

[08:51]  Art Blue changes dress without a word

[08:52]  E L: beat that Ray

[08:53]  Third Mirror: you are Hans 9?

[08:53]  Art Blue: yes I am

[08:53]  Third Mirror: I have to accept I am of level 8 and my maker will give me to reconstruction …

[08:53]  Third Mirror: ((end of performance))

Art Blue, David 8, Navah Dreams (from left to right)

[08:54]  GS B: Hi! ^-^ ambre

[08:54]  Navah Alphaville stands up

[08:54]  Navah Alphaville: I want to thank you all for coming


[08:54]  A L: Gemma

[08:54]  A L: hey

[08:54]  Navah Alphaville: And watching this rather bizarre performance.

[08:54]  GS B: thank you for the perfomance NAVAH !!!

[08:55]  GS B: it opened our eyes

[08:55]  Navah Alphaville: I also want to specify something. There were no real money involved, this was a performance and not a real bidding involving any real money at all.

[08:55]  Navah Alphaville: Together with Art Blue we created this performance to pass certain messages.

[08:55]  Third Mirror: as I am art blue

[08:55]  R1 S: 🙂

[08:55]  TAO C: ;))

[08:55]  GS B: yes It was brilliant ~

[08:55]  TAO C: had me fooled

[08:56]  Navah Alphaville: There was no real $$ infolved in the bidding, i hope it is clear

[08:56]  TAO C: excellent work

[08:56]  Navah Alphaville: I say this cause indeed, in the middle of the performance i had a very angry Tao in my IM

[08:56]  Navah Alphaville laughs out loud

[08:56]  Third Mirror: ray blue is my best friend

[08:56]  E L: it’s all art

[08:56]  E L: the concept as are the visible pictures

[08:56]  Third Mirror: so … it was quite interesting to let Gemma win

[08:56]  GS B: your act was very conciving!!

[08:56]  GS B: *convincing

[08:56]  Third Mirror: she may be a great hit!

[08:57]  Navah Alphaville: Well I hope you all enjoyed a bit of art on this beautiful yet strange Sunday for my country, Greece……

[08:57]  R1 S: 🙂

[08:57]  Navah Alphaville: It is a message from a Greek artist, me, to the world.

[08:57]  Third Mirror: i need to log … have fun and dance long

[08:57]  Navah Alphaville curtsies all gracefully and smiles.

[08:57]  Third Mirror: ty TAO and Gemma

[08:58]  GS B: thank you all for coming

[08:58]  Third Mirror: and exy for the help on the dress of david s

[08:58]  TAO C: most welcome

[08:58]  Navah Alphaville: A big thanks to Tao and Gemma for all their precious help setting this performance up and offering their beautiful space for it.

[08:58]  GS B: it was a great event

[08:58]  AM R: lmao……TY!!

[08:58]  AM R: ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ  ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★

[08:58]  AM R: fabulous




[08:58]  Navah Alphaville: A big thanks to E L for making the clothes of the creepy avatars David and Hanz

[08:58]  Third Mirror: watch the movie of Prometheus where I will be in … its from Ridley Scott

[08:58]  Third Mirror: coming soon

[08:59]  Navah Alphaville: A big thanks to Art Blue for working all night to set this setting

[08:59]  Navah Alphaville: And finally, a big thanks to all of you, that attended….

[08:59]  R1 S: 🙂

[09:00]  E L thanks you very much

[09:00]  E L: Navi and Arty

[09:00]  AM R: a pleasure…….and thank YOU

[09:01]  R1 S: Fascinating

[09:00]  Third Mirror: bye))

[09:00]  Third Mirror is Offline